Modern trucks and trailers to ensure reliable service.


The JMF fleet is modern, safe and environmentally efficient.

We are freight technology leaders operating trucks that average three years old that feature active emergency braking, always-on cameras and an obstacle detection system. 

Our trucks include full aerodynamic packages, super-single tires that reduce fuel consumption keeping the environment cleaner and cost savings.


Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and safe delivery of freight extends to our trailers. We spec lightweight trailers assembled in Quebec and are equipped with aerodynamic skirts and low-friction tires.   

Well-maintained trucks and trailers keep your freight secure, and the roads are safe. Our team of skilled mechanics keep the fleet in top operating condition at our on-site garage.


Lightweight trailers, built locally.

JMF operates environmentally friendly trailers made in Quebec. Our trailers save fuel by being lightweight with efficient tires, trailer skirts. We are proud to support local manufacturers who build trailers for the harsh roads of northern climates.

Well maintained for clean operation.

We drive aerodynamic, fuel efficient late-model trucks. They are maintained in top condition by licensed technicians to ensure that they run clean. Our routes are planned to be as direct as possible to save fuel.